Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chatter Lyrics

Back to a time when rhyme climbed into the chatter some underground grime and a prime selection of data a sublime upper strata for the persons in the stairway trading verses and bourbon and three dollar vino verde searching for some airplay in the studio spitting rehearsing on some written it's a real thing of beauty yo I scribble in my journal it's a riddle that's eternal but just a little universal move to the middle of the circle hold my craft like a pillar bewilder on my behalf and so I filter out the filler a builder of paragraph like a killer off kilter godzilla with villain laugh even chiller than a pilsner a miller genuine draft I spill the genuine article ill adrenaline particle still the menacing arsenal will commence the remarkable skill the speedy worker with a CD burner workshop and a greasy burger platter and the chatter that makes the earth stop TRACK TO BE POSTED SHORTLY...

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