Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Intergalactic Tactics Lyrics

cloud jumper bumper rusted with the hyper speed busted I adjusted my rear view I steer through star dusted disgusted by the cosmos I had trusted in its wisdom no justice in the entire empire solar system encrusted busses grounded shuttles need a facelift puddles of leaking oil drip from a winnebago spaceship my pace slipped to a sputter now I better land soon on a volcanic planet into a gigantic sand dune with a grand moon of granite shining manic overhead my plans ruined I panic with no aircraft mechanic I began it with the dream of seeking out a greener pasture stomped promptly with a compass to the swamp of a jedi master chomping like a bastard on asteroids and moon pies the disastrous outcome that I witnessed with my two eyes it was anticlimactic so I just cracked it in half the intergalactic tactics that are practice for my craft