Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cornholio Lyrics

blissed from the index it's windex clear so get the gist it's crystal could chisel out the message with a pistol the mystical lyricist spitting the irresistable steering this whole treble to a level metaphysical invisible but it's audible it's impossible to miss with a critical motif typically hidden underneath my belief through the grief through the beef through my teeth is to keep this sweetness brief and I live sleepless holy priestess the diziness and the clutter looking hideous in the gutter folks obvlivious to each other without a doubt the busiest world discovered amphibious underwater then I surface with a purpose the words that I furnish unfold if I'm nervous or controlled I can feel all the toll upon my soul behold the portfolio ill not like polio great like frosted flakes and great like cornholio

Thursday, December 8, 2011


The Best Rap Verse of All Time**Must be Beavis & Butt-Head related.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sleep Deep Lyrics

do you normally sleep deep dreams that keep the sun shining warm or is normalcy when you're pacing awake bracing for the next storm will the swarm form in the darkness will the harvest survive the locust will my focus become all tarnished hitting me hardest when I'm at my brokest is it hopeless should I start this is this the opus of an artist so I wrote this brief catharsis but regardless I remove the harness I regenerate just like a starfish just try and ventilate and relax my mental state lacks the reaction distraction obscures all the facts with the maximum panic attacks I can sense a confessional starting cuz there's actual words with meaning and then there's empty professional jargon you could find an acceptable bargain don't mind the intestinal harming combine the terror with your error walk down the wrong vestibule darkened but there's a flawless vegetable garden exact to the decimal sharpen your pencil existential record and get all the decibals charging there's a festering festival marching in my head late night in bed I've said it's beautiful and it's bright usually it's keeping me up at night