Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cornholio Lyrics

blissed from the index it's windex clear so get the gist it's crystal could chisel out the message with a pistol the mystical lyricist spitting the irresistable steering this whole treble to a level metaphysical invisible but it's audible it's impossible to miss with a critical motif typically hidden underneath my belief through the grief through the beef through my teeth is to keep this sweetness brief and I live sleepless holy priestess the diziness and the clutter looking hideous in the gutter folks obvlivious to each other without a doubt the busiest world discovered amphibious underwater then I surface with a purpose the words that I furnish unfold if I'm nervous or controlled I can feel all the toll upon my soul behold the portfolio ill not like polio great like frosted flakes and great like cornholio

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